Exploding Batteries

Lithium-ion batteries are great; small, compact, and powerful. As a result, lithium-ion batteries can be found in items ranging from laptops to cars. The abundance of the batteries means that there are millions of consumers using the batteries every day.

Did you know?

Over 660 million cylindrical lithium-ion cells were produced in 2012?

Duty of Care

Retailers and suppliers have a duty of care with regards to identifying defects, and removing defective products from shelves. If they are found to have failed to have taken the necessary steps to discover, resolve or remove defective products, then they could be liable for any harm caused by the defective product.

Product Liability Claim

As a result, if you have been injured by a defective product with an exploding battery then you should consider seeking compensation to cover the costs of the damages incurred. The damages could include things like your injuries, any psychological effects, time lost from work, and the cost of the item that exploded.

Such compensation would be sought in a product liability case and that is where we come in. We have a thorough understanding of the Washington state and federal laws surrounding cases of exploding batteries. During the cases we will conduct an investigation into a product or purchased item (such as a phone, car, or hover board) that has not performed correctly (i.e. the battery exploded) and has harmed an individual or his or her property. We will then endeavor to ensure that all involved obtain the compensation that they deserve.

Did you know?

Product liability claims account for almost 15% of all claims every year in the US?

By choosing Pfau Cochran Vertetis Amala PLLC to cover your compensation case for a battery explosion incident, you can be assured that we will treat you as a person and fight hard for your rights, as we know that each and every case is individual.

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