Workplace Sexual Abuse

Sexual harassment at work isn’t just a long-gone memory of the 1950’s. Workplace sexual abuse still happens, and is just as harmful to the victim.

We all have the right to feel safe when we are at work, and it is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that employee’s safety is upheld. Employers can be held responsible for sexual violence that occurs within the workplace.

However, there are thousands of cases of workplace sexual abuse every year, and when individuals face sexual abuse in the workplace; they can no longer feel secure. Sexual violence is far more common than many realize because it is one of the most under-reported crimes in our society.

What constitutes workplace sexual abuse?

There are many different examples of sexual abuse in the workplace. For example:

  • Employee raped by their boss
  • Forcing an employee to engage in sexual activities against their will
  • Sexually exploiting an employee for money, power or status
Did you know?

The United States Department of Justice estimates that 8% of rapes occur while the victim is working?

You are not alone.

Everyday thousands of Americans become victims of sexual abuse, but few ever speak out about their experiences and so they never get the justice that they deserve.

Did you know?

Out of every 1000 sexual abuse cases, only 344 are reported to the police?

The law forbids employers within the US from retaliating against employees for speaking out against workplace sexual abuse, or filing a charge of sexual abuse. Employers are also forbidden from retaliating against employees who participate in workplace sexual abuse investigations.

How can PCVA help?

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