Workplace Injuries

Serious injuries or death can sometimes happen in the workplace. If the injury or death occurs at a place of employment, the employer can often be held liable for damages.

When can I bring a lawsuit for a workplace injury?

All employers have a legal responsibility to protect employees and the public from risks that could exist in the workplace. In any work environment there are many different potential hazards, especially if health and safety guidelines are not adhered to. Injuries can vary in severity, ranging from injuries affecting an individual for a couple of weeks, to those that are life changing, or even those that cause death.

Workplace injuries can occur as the result of:

  • Trips and slips
  • Falling from height
  • Forklift accidents
  • Accidental Poisoning
  • Faulty machinery
Did you know?

You can claim compensation for a workplace injury even if you were just visiting the business at the time of the accident.

Workplace injury example

A workplace injury settlement from a slip and fall accident includes $12.2 million for a brain injury that a woman sustained after falling on a piece of raised sidewalk outside a convenience store. The store did not warn customers of the hazard.

Why file a lawsuit for a workplace injury?

Claiming for compensation following a workplace injury not only highlights to your employer that there is an issue in the workplace that needs to be addressed in order to prevent future incidents, but it can also help get you the money that you need to pay for your long term care and rehab, helping you to get back on your feet and back to your old self. With compensation money, you may also be able to stop worrying about any financial issues, and instead put your energy into getting better and recovering.

How can PCVA help?

Employers have a duty of care, and must do everything that they can to protect people from suffering workplace injuries or illnesses. If you or a loved one has suffered an injury, or has become ill due to an incident at the workplace, contact us today, on a no win, no fee basis and we will be happy to help you to claim the compensation that you deserve.

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