Defective Products

You should be able to trust that the products you buy are safe for you and your family.

When we buy products we expect them to be safe and well made. However, there are times when products fall short of our expectations and lead to harm, either to us or our property. Thankfully, we are legally protected against damage or injury that occurs as a result of defective products.

When can someone bring a lawsuit for a defective product?

There are many different examples of defective products:

  • Poorly designed batteries that explode and cause burns,
  • Incorrectly manufactured surge protectors that become overloaded and cause house fires, and
  • Toys with unsafe removable parts that result in children choking.
Did you know?

You only have to show is that the product was the most likely cause of the damage or injury.

Who is liable for the defective product?

According to the Consumer Protection Act, product safety responsibly falls on producers which include:

  • Manufacturers
  • Importers
  • Businesses that supply own-brand products, and
  • Businesses that change the safety of a product e.g. by customizing or servicing it.

How can PCVA help?

If you’ve been injured by a badly designed, faulty, or otherwise defective product then contact us so that we can assess your case. But, contact us soon as there is often a time limit of approximately 3 years on action for the damages caused by defective products.

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