Press Release

January 15, 2016

Seattle Archdiocese Publishes List of 77 Individuals Subject to Allegations of Child Abuse

(Seattle) — For the first time, the Seattle Archdiocese has published a comprehensive list of priests and other religious individuals who have served in the Archdiocese and have been the subject of allegations of child sexual abuse. The list includes each individual’s name, their assignments within the Archdiocese, and their dates of service. 77 individuals are named.

The list states that it is a “list of clergy and religious brothers and sisters for whom allegations of sexual abuse of a minor have been admitted, established or determined to be credible,” and that each person on the list has “either served or resided in the Archdiocese of Seattle.”

Priest Child Sexual Abuse in Church

The list includes 30 Archdiocesan priests, 16 religious priests, 14 priests from other Dioceses, 15 religious brothers and sisters, and 2 Archdiocesan deacons.

Seattle attorney Michael T. Pfau and his law partner, Jason P. Amala, have settled more than 150 claims against the Seattle Archdiocese and others that operated its schools and parishes in the Seattle area. Many of the claims involved people identified in the list released today.

According to Pfau, the list will help abuse survivors address their abuse: “Many of our clients believe they were the only one, or they think they will not be believed if they come forward. This list will help people realize they are not alone, which is often the first step toward healing and closure.”

While Pfau believes publication of the list is a long overdue step, he urges the Archdiocese to go further and to release the files it maintains on the named individuals: “I am encouraged by today’s news, but this is only the first step. For true transparency, the Seattle Archdiocese should release the files it has long maintained on many of these individuals, including the secret archives that were kept exclusively by the Archbishop and his closest advisors. We have seen this happen in other Archdioceses. Releasing the files allows abuse survivors to begin to understand how it happened, which can be another important step toward finding closure. It also helps the general public to understand the magnitude of the problem, and to ensure this never happens again.”

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