Elderly Man Walking in a Crosswalk
Elderly Man Walking in a Crosswalk

Williams v. Cubean – $444,000 Jury Verdict

About the case

The personal injury attorneys of PCVA have obtained a $444,068.75 judgement for a pedestrian accident victim who suffered serious injuries after he was struck by a distracted driver.

On June 27, 2016, plaintiff George Williams was crossing 19th Street in downtown Tacoma inside a designated crosswalk when he was struck by a car being driven by defendant Sammy Cubean. Cubean claimed that he didn’t see Williams because he was allegedly looking for a CD in his glove box.

Williams suffered a mild closed head injury that self-resolved, a possible broken rib, and a broken scapula. Prior to this accident, Williams was dealing with a number of preexisting conditions, including renal failure, heart disease, strokes, and confusion/cognitive issues.

While Cubean did not contest his negligence in the case (he was ultimately cited by the Tacoma police for 2nd degree negligent driving), he denied the nature, extent and causation of William’s claimed damages. In addition, Cubean’s attorneys filed a motion to render his substantial prior criminal record as inadmissible.

PCVA attorneys Darrell Cochran and Kevin Hastings filed a lawsuit against Cubean on William’s behalf seeking compensation for bodily injury and loss of independence, as well as compensation for his medical bills. After a 1-week trial, the judge in the case found for Williams and ordered Cubean to pay $444,068.75 in damages.


  • Jury Verdict: $444,069

Cause Number

  • Pierce County, No. 16-2-10281-1


  • S. Cubean, automobile driver


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