Hospital Operating Room
Hospital Operating Room

John and Jane Does v. John Doe Physicians and Confidential Hospital – $1,200,000 Settlement

About the case

A married 59 year-old woman with a history of COPD and cardiac concerns suffering from neck pain presented to a local hospital. The patient was admitted after she experienced respiratory depression. The patient underwent a cardiac work-up, including an abnormal EKG and laboratory values indicating potential ischemia. The patient was not placed on telemetry, nor was she given a formal cardiology consultation. On her third hospital day, the patient was found in cardiac arrest with fixed pupils and no pulse. Resuscitative efforts were initiated; however, the patient was declared dead and her family notified of her passing. Shortly thereafter, the patient was found to have a pulse and resuscitative efforts were reinitiated. The patient survived for ten additional days but later died due to hypoxic brain damage. Defendants contended no breach of standard of care and lack of causation in relation to plaintiff’s death.


  • Settlement: $1,200,000

Cause Number

  • Confidential


  • John Doe Physicians
  • Confidential Hospital


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