Sidewalk in Downtown Seattle, WA
Sidewalk in Downtown Seattle, WA

Confidential v. Confidential - $5,000,000 Settlement

About the case

The personal injury attorneys of PCVA have obtained a $5 million settlement for a pedestrian accident victim who suffered serious injuries after he was struck and dragged by a bus while properly crossing a downtown street within a crosswalk.

Our client was a devoted son and husband, married just the year before the accident. He worked for Amazon in downtown Seattle, Washington, providing financial support to his parents and his own new family. He was an avid outdoorsman, enjoying a variety of activities such as sailing, rock climbing, and skiing with his wife, friends, and family. Unfortunately, that all changed in July 2015 when he was the victim of a horrifying bus accident.

While walking from his Seattle office to an afternoon meeting in another building, he crossed Thomas Street with the signal, inside a well-marked crosswalk with a group of other pedestrians. Yet Walter Kennedy, driving a bus for his business Oncore Coach Leasing, claimed that he didn’t see our client in the crosswalk before turning his commercial bus left and into the crosswalk.

Kennedy’s bus struck our client, throwing him backward. Kennedy didn’t notice that he had struck anyone and continued driving. The bus struck him again, running him over and trapping him beneath the vehicle. He was dragged approximately 20 feet before bystanders were able to get Kennedy’s attention and convince him to stop the bus. Finally realizing he had hit someone, Kennedy then backed up, injuring the man further, before he finally brought the bus to rest.

He was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries including broken ribs, bilaterally collapsed lungs, and a fractured pelvis. In addition to the pain and anguish of his extensive injuries, necessitating months of medical treatment and rehabilitation, he has suffered a substantial loss of earnings, affecting not only himself but also his wife and his parents. He has also been unable to return to the active, adventurous lifestyle that he enjoyed before this devastating pedestrian accident.

PCVA attorneys Darrell Cochran, Thomas Vertetis, and Kevin Hastings filed a lawsuit in federal court on his behalf. After 18 months of litigation and nearly 20 separate depositions, PCVA reached a $5 million settlement with the motor coach company. While this settlement doesn’t restore our client’s life to its vibrancy and promise before the pedestrian accident, it does provide some peace of mind and financial security while he and his family try to restart their lives.


  • Settlement: $5,000,000

Cause Number

  • US District Court, Western WA (Confidential Cause No.)


  • Oncore Coach Leasing


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