Auto Accident
Auto Accident

Blake v. Parker – $73,058.93 Jury Verdict

About the case

In February 2014, mother and daughter plaintiffs were attempting to make a left turn onto State Route 410 in Enumclaw, WA under the protection of a green light. Suddenly, and without any warning, defendant’s truck struck plaintiff’s vehicle in the right front passenger door.  The defendant driver had not been paying attention and blew through a red traffic signal.  He did not see plaintiffs’ vehicle until impact.

The mother sustained injuries to her back, shoulder and left ankle. The daughter sustained injuries to her neck, back and hip.

Plaintiffs filed suit in April 2015 and placed the case into mandatory arbitration. On December 11, 2015, the arbitrator issued and filed the Arbitration Award in favor of plaintiffs.  Because of the significant award, defendant appealed, via trial de novo.

Trial commenced in August 2016.  Attorney Cole Douglas, in association with Rod Ray of Margullis and Ray, convinced a jury to award a verdict totaling $73,058.93 in favor of plaintiffs.  Because the verdict surpassed the arbitration award, the Court also ordered defendant to pay plaintiffs’ fees and costs.


  • Jury Verdict: $73,058

Cause Number

  • King County, No. 15-2-09133-6 KNT


  • S. Parker, automobile driver


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