Medical Negligence Attorney Tom Vertetis
Medical Negligence Attorney Tom Vertetis

Barbara Corey v Pierce County – $3,075,000 Settlement

About the case

Our client, a 20-year decorated prosecutor, serving as the Assistant Chief Deputy, was wrongfully terminated shortly after she strenously protested the Acting Prosecutor’s decision to provide a controversial plea agreement in a serious felony case. The prosecutor failed to follow just cause protections under the Prosecutors Guild collective bargaining agreement and subsequently maligned her in the local newspaper. He accused her of misappropriating funds, which was determined to be false. The plaintiff filed a lawsuit, alleging defamation, false light, wrongful termination, outrage and breach of contract. After a three week trial, the jury found that Ms. Corey had been defamed and wrongfully terminated, and awarded her $3,075,000.00.


  • Settlement: $3,075,000

Cause Number

  • King County, No. 06-2-14647-6 KNT


  • Pierce County


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