How Technology Can Help You Win Your Case

Have you been injured by someone else’s misconduct or negligence? Is that person telling a different version of events than what you know happened? Fortunately, thanks to technology, more evidence becomes available every day to help you prove your case.

“Smart Device” Data
Most of us have heard of the “Internet of Things” (IoT). The term refers to the fact that today, more and more devices—home electronics, cars, watches, and of course our ubiquitous cell phones—are networked internally to one another and externally to the Internet. These smart devices contain sensors that allow them to collect information and network connections that enable them to store and exchange that data. What does that mean for your court case?

Gone are the days where judges must weigh “he said, she said,” cases with no physical evidence to prove who’s telling the truth. Today, we have smart homes, where lights, temperature settings, and security measures can be controlled—and data about what happened in the home is maintained—remotely. We have fitness trackers that continually monitor and store information about our movements and location. Practically everyone carries a smartphone or tablet (or both) with a camera, a GPS tracker, and a microphone—and some of them are always listening! Many of our cars can tell when we’re driving safely, intervene if we’re not, and call 911 automatically if the airbags deploy.

Recent Cases
Electronic devices hold evidence that might make all the difference in a few recent cases. In one, the police have uncovered fitness-tracker data from a murdered woman’s Fitbit that disproves her husband’s account of what happened—making him a prime suspect. In another, Amazon is providing voice recordings from the Alexa device that was listening in a man’s home on the night that a guest died there under suspicious circumstances. If you’ve been injured, it is increasingly likely that electronically stored evidence can help you prove your case.

There’s more information available every day that may help you win damages against someone whose negligence, recklessness, or criminal conduct harmed you. But the legal system was complicated enough already! Technological advancements bring with them new challenges for finding, preserving, obtaining, and verifying sophisticated information from smart devices that can be used as evidence in a court of law.

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